Just a brief thought for today…..

Texting, like the spoken word, cannot be retracted, ‘unspoken’ or ‘untexted’. 

Careful what you text, and/or speak… 

If it isn’t kind.. forget it!!

More easily said than done??!…. So.. who said it was going to be easy ALL the way?, eh??🙃😊

Want to live a ‘magic’ life, where not everything is easy??….


97:  “Article 50!”😡

They got us again!!… gullible, predictable public.. consumers of any rubbish that’s fed to us. 

How can we be so stupid??!…. you would think that we would be wary of stupid terms such as ‘Clean Brexit‘, ‘Hard Brexit‘ and ‘Bremain‘, which are so obviously, ludicrously comic-book stupid, for a start!

I wrote this to David Icke a while ago when I found that I totally agreed with him on this…..

 “ARTICLE 50!!!!…

We were right Dave!… The referendum was purely a distraction, and there was always Article 50 waiting in the wings!! 

What a diabolically expensive distraction!… A total waste of time, votes, and money!!! And who pays??…. the usual… Joe Public! 

Now.. watch this:- https://youtu.be/tvYfpUiW_Bo [click/tap link]

The details of “Article 50” are irrelevant gobbledegook. It was put in place for the   simple reason that: “If the ‘powers that actually be’ don’t like the outcome of a referendum…. if the result is not an expedient for forwarding their pre-ordained plans, “Article 50” can be used as a lever to reverse whatever result is obtained from the public!! And we fall for these ploys every time. It’s time we woke up to what is REALLY going on!!
Referendums(no.. it’s not referenda!) are just another instance, along with elections, of distractions which are provided to give us the ILLUSION that we have a choice… WE DON’T!

We could have real choices if we would only wake up to the current situation! Until then.. it seems that we prefer the ‘ignorance is bliss‘ state. 

Come on!… No, REALLY!!…. 



95:  A Personal Note. 

Today is an exceptionally sad one for me. 

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to Sally, my much loved Jack Russell companion. 

She was almost 17 years old. 

Sally was having more seizures, and had become almost totally incontinent, and things had got worse over the last few days. 

So, between us, the vet.. (Alex Sharp, of Holmfield Vetinerary practice, Brayton, Selby, who was SO sensitive and supportive throughout the whole process) and I, decided that the time had come to do the kindest thing as far as Sally was concerned, much as I desperately didn’t want to lose her. 

It had just been her and me, full time, this past 5 years, and we had come to know and love each other so well. 

I will always remember her.. she made me smile and laugh every single day we were together. 

I shall certainly try my utmost to “Remember the Good Times”.

R.I.P. Sally.    I miss you desperately


94: Practice Makes Perfect (a few snacks for thought)…

Two quotes: One of them is good advice, and the other is dreadful advice…..

  “Unless ye become as little children….”


“Never work with animals and children!”

We are often so preoccupied with setting a good example for children, that we forget how much WE can learn from THEM!

Oh, that we could retain the qualities of little children!… qualities such as trust, and unselfconscious unconditional love, things that we have largely lost sight of by the time we are 6 or 7 years old! 😔. 

It IS possible to reclaim these qualities!…. practice!!😅…..

In the words of Thomas Keating:- “For human beings, the most daunting challenge is to become fully human. For to become fully human is to become fully divine.”

Who said, “Never work with animals and children!” ?….

That is the WORST advice I have ever heard!!!… they are the very creatures without whom we can never be fully human!


89(edited version):- Maybe??!.. just maybe?..

Please, first watch this clip….​​​​

You have just witnessed the amazing effect of trust, kindness, compassion and non-threatening behaviour, on one of nature’s wildest predatory creatures! 

So… something that is possible in the extremest of circumstances must be possible within a so-called ‘civilised’ species!

Now.. let our ‘prayer’ be:-

“Please!!…. Universe/Love/Life/Conscious Awareness/”God”….. let it be, that maybe.. just maybe.. this could one day be the way that all people can be, with each other!!”

No words… just love, trust and compassionate understanding.



93:   Advice?

I just came across these words on a great site called, “Quora”…. written by  Dushka Zapata

Because I agree with them, I thought that I would share them with you…..

I don’t give advice. I’ll tell you what worked for me, and hope it helps.”  ~Dushka Zapata~

We could all do with adopting this non-judgemental and hence most effective approach to helping others. 

I’ll briefly reinforce this  with a couple of quotes from the final words of Anthony De Mello, on the same theme, but maybe reaching that little bit further… 

 “I live my life, I do my ‘Dance’. If it helps you; great!  If not; too bad.”      ~A.De Mello~

“I spent much of my life sitting on the riverbank, giving out river water to any who would accept it. Maybe, after I am gone.. some of them will notice the river.”     ~A.De Mello~

Hope this helps…  ~agr~