76:  No words of mine can add to this….

This short film of an experiment by Amnesty International says SO much!

It’s main message is about the power that 4 minutes of eye-contact can have between people. 

I hope it says it all, to you, each time you watch…..



Over the last year or so, I have published 73 articles that I hoped would encourage discussion, and the only addition to any comment section was put there by ME!

The only reasons that I can think of for the lack of feedback or discussion, are the following……

1) Nobody is reading the articles ?

2) Most of those reading the articles, disagree with their content, and have written me off(I’d prefer a strong disagreement, with your reasons, if this is the case… And.. it will add balance to the original material) ?

3) None of my contributions are firing anyone up enough for them to want to share their own views… which is what I was hoping for… even vehement disagreement would be better than silence! Surely.. sharing differing views is  the best way of reaching some sort of ‘truth’ ?

4) Maybe an article at the outset put some of you off, and you didn’t read any further?

5) Lots of people are reading the articles; finding them interesting, helpful, thought-provoking, fun, annoying, and/or other reasons; but none of them have felt the need to add their own two penn’orth. ?

If you have actually read some or all of the articles, but haven’t felt the need to throw your own thoughts into the arena; would you.. just this once.. tap/click on the words, “Leave a Comment”  below this article, and just leave a 👍 or even a 👎 ? [or just the words: ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’]

At least that way, I will have an indication that it is(or isn’t) worth my while continuing.  

Maybe my publicity is at fault?… any suggestions on content or publicity will, I can assure you, be most gratefully received and much appreciated. 

BTW….. This is certainly not coming from any form of vanity… I have long since reversed out of that pointless cul-de-sac! 😄And…  For the record…. I’m pretty much ‘unupsettable’! 😆


73: Observing THE SCHOOL RUN!

Having been a member of the teaching(personally I prefer to feel I was an educator rather than a teacher… because in my mind, there IS a difference!) profession for much of my working life; I now watch with great interest, the comings and goings of parents/guardians and children, as they go to, and come from the well reputed little primary school across from where I live. I tend to notice mainly the body-language and general attitudes of them all(inc. parents!), from when they begin at age 4+ until they leave for secondary school. 

 And then there are the buses which bring the secondary-school aged children home to our village, whose bearing and behaviour I have also studied over periods of time. 
Even the photos amongst this article, will probably evoke a number of memories, reactions and judgements from you, as you read this, whether you are currently part of the school run or not. 

Characteristics which I notice in particular (and in which I notice changes, as the number of years of attending school, increases), are the following…….

Confidence; joyfulness; playfulness; aggression; quarrelsome-ness; tolerance; intolerance; agreeableness; obedience; rejection; sympathy; empathy; competitiveness; derision; bullying; friendships; associations; dissociations; compassion; exclusion; victimisation; jealousy; etc…..

The pattern is very similar to that which I noticed in my own children, as they went through the ‘process’, and which I also noticed in the pupils during my teaching years. And… which are still so clear in my mind(you’ll probably agree) from my own school years!!.. feelings that still linger, and hopefully enable teachers and parents to feel sympathy, empathy and tolerance when they experience these emotions being manifested in their own children/students. 

Whether you are a parent or not, whether you have worked in schools or not… we have all surely noticed; both from our own personal experience as pupils, and from our involvements and observations of children of various ages in various situations and environments; that there is a striking difference(not ALL bad!) between the bearing, behaviour, and interaction, of youngsters before they enter the ‘system’ and after they have become part of it!

Although many good things can emanate from the school process, the youngsters certainly lose their innocence, and often, so unfortunately, they also lose their tolerance, their self-esteem, their empathy and sympathy, in the process of trying to survive without being victimised for things such as their success, and often because of jealousy or insecurity in others(which in itself needs to be approached with understanding)……

And… How many youngsters are being allowed to resort to this……..

…and eventually this!!…...as a means, not just of communication or of information collection, but primarily one of keeping them occupied?!
It’s here that I want to stress that everyone involved with youngsters needs to be intently aware of these changes and the very delicate balance that exists between joy and misery during these formative years. Misery can then manifest itself in so many ways such as anti-social behaviour that is all too often judged at face value as….. “..a bad kid…” ; “..needs to be punished..” etc…
Education MUST be more than the mere soul-less imparting of facts by which youngsters are then judged on their regurgitation ability!! 

Education MUST involve learning about relationships, tolerance, sympathy(not too sentimental), and at the very least an effort at understanding the roots of their childhood miseries that lead to behaviour that is so often just punished without question!!……




My definitions(please say if you disagree with my definitions):-

Teach:   Repeat acquired information, for the acquisition of those being ‘taught’. 

Train:   To instil with rules and procedures which will produce particular results when applied. 

Educate:   I will use two quotes from Helen Keller to convey (in my view also) the spirit of this definition:- 1) Life is a great adventure, or nothing. 2) The highest result of education is tolerance. (Oh?… and we all thought it was exam results… didn’t we??!). 

I rest my case. 



I am going to share with you two of my favourite songs:-
I feel that between them, these two, encompass much of my life, and my thoughts and aspirations that I have shared with you so far, in these first 71 ‘Offerings’.

I hope that the lyrics(and the material I have shared so far) will help you too, to approach everything with an open mind, and therefore not be stilted by previous unbending long-held ideas, just because they are that! 

My thoughts and views that I have shared, stem from a mindset that has, over my 71 years, gelled and crystallised into one that is fully open to all possibilities, and yet not held back from living to the full.. in the moment, by the harbouring of any fear of loss that comes from clinging to any one thing, viewpoint, person, or situation… a fear that closes the mind by shrinking its horizons and tunnelling its vision. 

Fear of loss, that comes from any clinging attachment, reduces the potential of a wider experience and understanding, and the ability to exercise a well informed/balanced approach to everything… physical, metaphysical, emotional, and psychological. ☺️

Here are the songs:- Their interpretation will be absolutely personal, and up to you, but always be open to the possibility of can change with changing thoughts and circumstances.  And.. try listening to them again when things are different in your life… 

I hope you find them both enjoyable and, at the same time, helpful…..

1. https://youtu.be/zxSTzSEiZ2c

2. https://youtu.be/hHcl0bbu0Gc

Song 2 Lyrics:-

“I Find Your Love.” (Beth Neilsen Chapman)…..

I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face,       
Your whisper in the wind’s embrace,
   Through diamond stars and songs, and dreams…                                                                        
I find your love in everything.

The sun, the sky, the rolling sea,                       
All conspire to comfort me.
                             From sorrow’s edge, life’s beauty seems.        
To find your love in everything.

I’ve come to trust the hope it brings,
                 To find your love in everything..                     Even as I fall apart,
                                            Even through my shattered heart.

I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face.
Amazing grace!




I have long held this view, and I’d be interested to know how many people feel the same way as I do. 

There is always plenty of ‘hoo-har’ if animals are kept in bad conditions or are treated badly or inhumanely prior to, and/or during the slaughter process in the food industry. 

So far I have referred to air-breathing land-living animals. 

But nobody seems to consider that fish are not quickly and humanely killed, when caught for food. The slow death of asphyxiation is imposed upon them, and because it is silent, it is ignored, and continues to be used as a convenient ‘hands-free’ method. 

This method is used because it is easy, and causes no visual damage to the fish, which(oh, how awful!) might affect its visual appeal to the consumer!😡

This has always bothered me. 

Does it bother you, too?

The solution?

POLL…… Please put ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as a ‘Comment’. Yes = This bothers me. No = This doesn’t bother me. 

If you have any alternative solutions for the killing of fish for food, please share those too. 

I’ll post the totals etc. In a week or so.