122: Always on My Mind..

A few thoughts that are always(thank goodness) on my mind…….
“Be Still and Know that I (the stillness) am God”

“Now” is all that there is. It is always “Now”.. always has been, and always will be! Time is an illusion conjured up by man, but reality is timeless(eternal).

Spirituality, Faith and Religion are not necessarily the same thing.

There are only two states.. Love and Fear, and each can cast out the other… Choose Love… 

Be careful not to become attached to anything or anyone( in the ‘clinging’ sense), thence comes the fear of loss, and the casting out of real love.

Never become preoccupied with, or worship signposts…”When the wise man points at the Moon.. the Fool sees only the Finger!”…. rather, look to where they are pointing, and continue your journey. 

Love, stillness and kindness be with you.

And remember…. Kindness, compassion, and empathy are Magic! 🙂


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