102:  Does It Matter What Others Think of You?

I just answered a question on the “Quora” site, and thought I’d share it(my answer) with you. The particular question isn’t vital to the sense of the answer I gave, which was….
“Do NOT spend your precious life worrying about the opinions/reactions of others, or being desperate for their approval. 

If you live with love, compassion, kindness, sympathy and empathy towards others.. then, if they disapprove or react badly… that is THEIR problem, NOT yours. 

Be the REAL ‘you’… not the person who you feel others wish you to be!!


In my opinion, the answer to the question in the title, is, “NO”….. whether folks  think bad things of you OR good things… because their reactions are all about where THEY are ‘coming from’, and are irrelevant to your own position! 🖐😊