99: STILL Open All Hours!

Hi everyone. This is just a brief addition to my “Free Food For Thought” site, to explain the lack of recent additions to either this site or to my “HomeSpun” music site….
Healthwise, I’m unfortunately going through a rough patch at the moment. But… I’m hoping that I’ll be making regular additions to both sites again, very soon. 
Maybe my temporary slow progress will give you a chance to ‘catch-up’ on either or both of my sites. 😊
In the meantime, the sites are, “Still Open All Hours”, and here’s a small HomeSpun offering (done using just a bass guitar and effects pedal) to prove it!

😄. I created this version when it was the theme music to “Open All Hours” with Ronnie Barker, prior to the current(still as good, in my view) “Still Open All Hours” with David Jason…. still as droll, as nostalgically relaxing, and.. as funny as the original series’. 😆👍. 

N.B…. If you don’t normally use ‘Dropbox‘, just take out a (totally free) subscription via either the desktop site or the App… which will give you free access to the the ‘Document‘ and/or ‘MP4′ music files that I keep in my Dropbox libraries.       I pay the dues… not you!.. Ok?😄👍

Or… just click on ▶️ on this mini-player… 👇(best via headset or amped speakers)

I hope you enjoy this version(please let me know if the link doesn’t work for you)….


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