95:  A Personal Note. 

Today is an exceptionally sad one for me. 

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to Sally, my much loved Jack Russell companion. 

She was almost 17 years old. 

Sally was having more seizures, and had become almost totally incontinent, and things had got worse over the last few days. 

So, between us, the vet.. (Alex Sharp, of Holmfield Vetinerary practice, Brayton, Selby, who was SO sensitive and supportive throughout the whole process) and I, decided that the time had come to do the kindest thing as far as Sally was concerned, much as I desperately didn’t want to lose her. 

It had just been her and me, full time, this past 5 years, and we had come to know and love each other so well. 

I will always remember her.. she made me smile and laugh every single day we were together. 

I shall certainly try my utmost to “Remember the Good Times”.

R.I.P. Sally.    I miss you desperately



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