94: Practice Makes Perfect (a few snacks for thought)…

Two quotes: One of them is good advice, and the other is dreadful advice…..

  “Unless ye become as little children….”


“Never work with animals and children!”

We are often so preoccupied with setting a good example for children, that we forget how much WE can learn from THEM!

Oh, that we could retain the qualities of little children!… qualities such as trust, and unselfconscious unconditional love, things that we have largely lost sight of by the time we are 6 or 7 years old! 😔. 

It IS possible to reclaim these qualities!…. practice!!😅…..

In the words of Thomas Keating:- “For human beings, the most daunting challenge is to become fully human. For to become fully human is to become fully divine.”

Who said, “Never work with animals and children!” ?….

That is the WORST advice I have ever heard!!!… they are the very creatures without whom we can never be fully human!



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