93:   Advice?

I just came across these words on a great site called, “Quora”…. written by  Dushka Zapata

Because I agree with them, I thought that I would share them with you…..

I don’t give advice. I’ll tell you what worked for me, and hope it helps.”  ~Dushka Zapata~

We could all do with adopting this non-judgemental and hence most effective approach to helping others. 

I’ll briefly reinforce this  with a couple of quotes from the final words of Anthony De Mello, on the same theme, but maybe reaching that little bit further… 

 “I live my life, I do my ‘Dance’. If it helps you; great!  If not; too bad.”      ~A.De Mello~

“I spent much of my life sitting on the riverbank, giving out river water to any who would accept it. Maybe, after I am gone.. some of them will notice the river.”     ~A.De Mello~

Hope this helps…  ~agr~

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