92: Habitual Formal ‘Remembrance’ 🤔

I may well be sticking my neck out here, but it’s only my own view. Maybe it’s yours too, but maybe not.  Whatever your view, please do share it in the ‘Comments’ section below this article… Your views are important and appreciated, whatever they may be. 


This one word evokes so many memories and so many emotions in so many people’s minds; particularly in the month of November. In fact the British Legion poppies are being worn these days from quite early on in October. 

However… the kind of ‘Remembrance’ to which I am referring, is the one in today’s title:- Habitual Formal Remembrance… There IS a difference between this, and that of carrying the memory of loved ones in our hearts, as we move onwards with life…. a BIG difference!

These days more than ever before, there is a suggested need ‘closure’…  as with Hillsborough, wars, etc.  We are told at every end and turn that to move on from a personal loss of this kind we must have ‘closure’!  However, what is really being suggested is that we continue to re-visit the misery of our losses to such an extent that the misery is opened up over and over again, rather than giving ‘closure’ from that misery. We don’t  remember, so much as perpetually re-live the misery over and over again, as is the case with Nov. 11th.  We are even encouraged to take expensive trips to visit ‘crime scenes’ in order to gain comfort/closure!!Rather than a remembering, so that we can avoid further similar occurrences; we are in danger of being led into ‘wallowing’, which is a very commercially viable emotion which is being thrust upon us. 

Since Nov.11th this year, I’ve been coming more and more to a conclusion that the remembrance of the wars has become a ‘dwelling on’, a ‘re-living’, a ‘wallowing in’, and a source of ‘pride in the British killing machine’! 
If killing is sin, and pride is a sin… looking back and perpetuating the memory of them isn’t, in my view, always the best solution for dealing with them in a positive way. 

I reckon that maybe, since we criticise the Irish and many other nations in this very respect, and taking the above into account;  that it’s high time we ‘let it go’; and move forward rather than re-living it in so many ways, many of which weaken us rather than the opposite. 

The act of remembrance has almost lost its point, in the ways that it is glorified/remembered… much the same way that Christmas has. 

I know we want to remember, so that we won’t make the same mistakes again, but… is it working??… Well, is it???

So many people are making themselves miserable year after year by revisiting and re-living things and places that would be best let go. 

Ho hum. 🤔… just my opinion.         

What’s yours???


3 thoughts on “92: Habitual Formal ‘Remembrance’ 🤔

  1. Years ago I saw a movie called, “THE AMERICANIZATION OF EMILY”, starring Julie Andrews and James Garner. It was about this very subject. Does anybody else remember it?


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