88: How Do I Know if I am on The Right Path?

N.B…. I’ve added inverted commas to “God” in the picture, just to emphasise that we all have our own equally valid conceptions of who/what, he/it, is. 

Finding the right path and knowing if you are on it, follows directly on from yesterday’s article….

How do I find the right path?

How do I know if I am on the right path?

Questions, questions, questions!… which preoccupy our minds and actually hinder the progress of effective living. 

Attachment to the “need to know” how to find the right path, or whether we are on the right path, can really hinder our journey, and prove counterproductive to our effectiveness. 

Don’t spend thought, worry or preoccupation on such things! 

Just live with love and genuine compassion for others, and ‘how to find the right path’, or ‘whether we have found it’, ceases to be the (unnecessary) priority that it so often is in our lives. 

The footsteps of so many parents are often dogged with the worry as to whether they are on the right parenting path, usually to the detriment of all those involved in the process!  Just love your children, and let all your actions flow from there, and the need to worry about getting it right, simply ceases to exist. 

In my opinion, the same applies to any path of life. Agreed??


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