80: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

Further to some of my earlier articles on education in this blog; I absolutely MUST share this ‘TED’ talk from Ken Robinson!!!    AND… You absolutely MUST watch/listen to it…. I just know you’ll enjoy the talk, and that you’ll agree!(?)😆

Enough said….⬇️



79: American Dream!

The part of “The American Dream” which assumes  the right to the “pursuit of happiness“, always makes me want to post the quotation of Henry David Thoreau to every last one of those people who believe that happiness can be chased and caught!…….Far too much nervous energy is wasted in pursuing something that would find US, if we weren’t so preoccupied with the pointless chasing of it, usually to the detriment of everything else!


78:  A Biblical Contradiction.. or is it?

One thing that has always bothered me is the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘assurance’… Biblically speaking. Firstly.. It’s not, “Be Still and HOPE that I am God.”!!… It’s KNOW!… as in Faith!

Secondly.. Faith is supposed to mean, “to know or to be assured of something, without proof”. If faith brings assurance, why the need for Hope?

Then there are the three most important things… Faith, Hope, and Love. 

Ok.. so, according to Paul; the greatest is Love; but what about Hope?… surely Faith and Hope are mutually exclusive!!?

To me, Hope is the agnostic stance, as in: “I don’t know if all these things are true, but I hope they are.”

As I said at the start… given all the gospel scripture on faith; if adherents to Christianity have their doubts dispelled, with assurances and promises, then what is ‘Hope’ doing in the top three crucial characteristics of the Christian??

Come on!!… SURELY some of you MUST have an opinion on this ‘dilemma’??.. 

Please share your own view and maybe clarify this issue for others who are confused by it!!