86a: Are You Deluded!!?

{N.B… 86b is below this article}

Chances are that the answer to this question is, “YES”… whether we accept it or not! 

Our world, as we know it, is simply a product of the contents of… our mind!

However, it is vital that we are at least aware of the fact that the details of that world are a combination of our own situation and emotions, combined with the bulk of the rest(which greatly affects our personal situation), of which the largest percentage is acquired by hearsay, secondhand information, and on trust; and often has nothing to do with what we think we ‘know’!!!

Most ‘news’ is selected, presented and ‘spun’ in such a way as to engender fear and compliance in its hearers. 

So…  Acquire true awareness, and  wake up to the fact that most of what we think we know, is probably NOT TRUE!!

This doesn’t have to be an altogether bad thing, just so long as we question EVERYTHING!!(inc. world places and events, political leaders, financial leaders, the media, religion, education, the opinions of others etc.), so that we can at least become aware of the way things really are!

Question.. research.. question.. researcheverything; with a fully open and compassionate mind, which is attached(in that ‘clinging’ way) to no person, belief, situation or thing!! OK?!!👍

WordPress seems to have decided “sort of” logically 😛 to place article 86b below this one!😝.  I hope you enjoy it……


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