86b: You CANNOT be Serious!!? 😜

It is vital, that, as part of our mission not to be hoodwinked or deluded by the world in which we live, that we should NOT to take any of it too seriously!…

We have been conditioned to believe that a lot of things are bad, and that we should, at any cost, oppose them!!

BUT… Question.. Research… Question.. Research…..

Firstly… are these things that we are so often led to believe to be bad… really bad, or even true??… who says so?… and what could be their reasons?

Secondly.. Do not necessarily seriously accept your first assumption, just because it is a social convention, or because most other people blindly accept it. 

Thirdly… If you take any of it too seriously(social conventions, such as patriotism!); you’re heading for trouble!… you instantly become vulnerable to experiencing the reaction that almost certainly follows in the wake of this ‘seriousness’, which is FEAR, and and a willingness to be obedient to those who dictate:- “This is a bad thing, so you all MUST react and behave in the ways that we suggest!”

You cannot afford to be too serious!!… 

So… Accept that ‘life’, and those living it, are basically fairly daft😆👍

Life IS NOT serious… Death IS NOT serious,… Money(even the lack or loss of it) IS NOT serious… Suffering(however sad it may appear) is one of the aspects of  life that we have to deal with.. so why not deal with it in a happy way?!… Education IS NOT serious… Religion IS NOT serious.. The judgement and approval of others IS definitely NOT serious…  

True.. these things are sometimes NECESSARY, but they are definitely NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH TO CREATE THE FEAR THAT WILL ENSLAVE US!!! 

Distractions such as music, sport and other forms of entertainment can be fun(ie: NOT SERIOUS), but.. see them as just that, and be aware(beware!) of the fact that they can be used to influence our minds, as well as distracting our attention from the way we are being manipulated!!

Remember…. Much of the ‘News’ is constructed in order to keep us thinking seriously, and it is ‘spun’ to create fear and hence compliance. So.. don’t fall into the trap of taking the news too seriously either! This may seem harsh, considering some of the things that we are shown.. but it is not harsh in the light of the way that these things are being ‘spun’ to us!

By the way… I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, I am an implementer of the:-“Question(all angles)… Research(all angles)… Question again… Research again…..” approach to everything.          Not only is it fun, but it can make all the difference to our effectiveness in this world, which I am convinced is intended to be joyful or even plain daft… and if we take it too seriously, all that can be lost. 🙃

Basically… In my humble opinion… Life is  meant to be fun!!😆..  So deal with ‘problems’ (which are all creations of your mind, anyway); in a happy and compassionate way. 

All the things which can be fun, are the  main ways that we can also be manipulated, if we make the mistake of taking them too seriously!!….

Organised political, religious, financial and educational institutions, can use distractions and things that worry us, to engender the fear which can produce blind obedience and conformity. 

However… we were exhorted by one of the world’s greatest spiritual(as opposed to ‘religious’) teachers to: “FEAR NOT!“… so… without further ado(and I admit there’s been plenty of that!)…….Here are some great clips to help us see the ‘fun side’ of many of those things we feel we should take seriously, and to FEAR NOT; while at the same time, reminding us of what is really going on!!…  

Enjoy the clips, but at the same time, be aware that ‘the powers that be’ are systematically removing them from the Internet!!


1)  https://youtu.be/t8O_CcGhLD8

2) http://youtu.be/8r-e2NDSTuE

3) http://youtu.be/T5m2fmLdyDo

4) http://youtu.be/CE8ooMBIyC8

Please share your thoughts and reactions…


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