85: Fear Cancels Out Love. 

…Especially the fear of not finding love!

AND… the fear of the loss of love!

For the first one.. look inwards, not outwards!

For the second… don’t be attached(in the jealous, clinging sense) to anything or anyone!

But never forget that there are two sides to every coin!   Fear may cancel out love, but REAL LOVE CANCELS OUT FEAR!

STILL FEELING FEAR within a ‘love’ situation??!….. Then it is NOT TRUE LOVE that you are experiencing!!

Check this out​……

I’m sure that you will have heard Bette Midler sing, “The Rose” at some point in your life. If so… did the lyrics really reach you? If you haven’t heard it, now’s your chance to hear an incredibly perceptive and insightful song….

Listen carefully, and I hope that my reason for choosing it to go under today’s title will become clear… Tap/Click this link…. 


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