82: Who Do I Need To Be Today?

It is SO easy to become liberated from the whole “Who do I need to be, today.” dilemma!!…..

After all… ‘Me’, ‘my situation’, ‘where I came from’, ‘where I’m going’, ‘what I’ve achieved(or not)’ etc,…. are deciphered by those I meet, depending on their own viewpoint at any particular moment, anyway! 

What we are(although we’re often so desperate to project a particular ‘somebody’), is ‘blowing in the wind’, as far as the approval, acceptance, judgement etc., of others, is concerned! 

So… I may as well present them with a blank canvas…. no effort at image projection… just ME!, and accept whatever view they take of me… because it will basically be a projection of their own situation, anyway! 

This then leaves us free from our own ‘something-ness’, to be the ‘wind in the trees’ around others, unencumbered by all the trappings of having to be ‘something’;…. Free from the fear of the loss of ANYthing; free of the desperation for acceptance and approval; in fact; free of ALL the things that normally present a totally false impression of our ‘something-ness’ to others, and wastes so much nervous energy in the process!

 Let’s all break free from our ‘something-ness’ this very moment!.. and be instantly liberated to be whoever or whatever we really are!!


No effort required…Just, “let it be”…..

As The Dalai Lama says: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”


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