78:  A Biblical Contradiction.. or is it?

One thing that has always bothered me is the difference between ‘hope’ and ‘assurance’… Biblically speaking. Firstly.. It’s not, “Be Still and HOPE that I am God.”!!… It’s KNOW!… as in Faith!

Secondly.. Faith is supposed to mean, “to know or to be assured of something, without proof”. If faith brings assurance, why the need for Hope?

Then there are the three most important things… Faith, Hope, and Love. 

Ok.. so, according to Paul; the greatest is Love; but what about Hope?… surely Faith and Hope are mutually exclusive!!?

To me, Hope is the agnostic stance, as in: “I don’t know if all these things are true, but I hope they are.”

As I said at the start… given all the gospel scripture on faith; if adherents to Christianity have their doubts dispelled, with assurances and promises, then what is ‘Hope’ doing in the top three crucial characteristics of the Christian??

Come on!!… SURELY some of you MUST have an opinion on this ‘dilemma’??.. 

Please share your own view and maybe clarify this issue for others who are confused by it!!


2 thoughts on “78:  A Biblical Contradiction.. or is it?

  1. Yep.. I can see that.
    The only reservation I’d have, is that if we have the faith that what we hope for will come through… there’s no need for hope in the first place.. not if we are assured of the fact that things will work out ok. I can see the need for hope in the first instances of a growing faith, and that the fact that it will lead to total assurance, but after that, I felt it shouldn’t be necessary. Then again, each instance depends on the person involved, so I realise it’s not really possible for me to be totally objective about it. 😊


  2. Hebrews 11 gives a little explanation I think, it talks of the things that we hope for and that faith is being assured that what we hope for will come through. The faith is gained through past experiences and the promises of the Bible and is a choice we make based on those experiences and promises.


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