77: Seen ‘God’ Recently?

NB… My use of inverted commas throughout this article, around the words ‘God’ , ‘him’ etc., is done advisedly. 😊
It is my belief that ‘God’ is the one life of the universe that we all share, and… that ‘he’ IS the inherent ‘goodness'(which sometimes necessitates suffering) in EVERYTHING!

I also believe that we can experience seeing ‘him’ and feeling ‘his’ effect, every moment of our human lives.. and beyond. 

I am no longer what most people would define as ‘religious’, because I genuinely feel that much of the spiritual teachings of the past, have been misunderstood and/or misinterpreted…. 

Too many adherents of all ‘religions’, are far too hung up on all the humanly-created institutional and organisational aspects of their ‘religion’, which on the whole are either irrelevant, or even a major hindrance. 

I include in the hindrances; the “Old Man in the Sky” idea of ‘God’…. who is jealous, and will crush and commit to eternal suffering, any who reject ‘him’. This, incidentally, amongst may other misguided concepts, plays right into the hands of atheists, and I can totally understand how and why!…

To reduce the omnipotent life-force of the universe(from galaxies to atoms!); to an old man in the sky, who will crush you if you reject ‘him’, does ‘him’ a mighty grave disservice!

If we see ‘God’ in the way I’m trying to describe, what could there possibly be to reject?
Ever felt kindness, compassion, empathy(which often means we have to have suffered!), sympathy for others, or the desire to help for no reason?….                                                     That is ‘God’. 

Ever felt kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy from others?                             That also, is ‘God’. 

Ever seen a smile that makes you feel better, or a word that does the same? That’s ‘God’.

Ever been cared about, and cared for, when you’re struggling with life?…                       That’s ‘him’ again. 

Ever gazed in awe at a natural landscape, or the detail of a flower?… or the sub-microscopic workings of an atom??    Yep… ‘Him’ again. 

With all these manifestations of ‘God’, I don’t mean ‘he’ DID it, or ‘he’ MADE it, or even that ‘he’ imbued it with life….. I mean ‘he’ IS  it! 

Ever wondered how ‘God’ can be everywhere at once and that ‘he’ never sleeps?… read the above again and it will hopefully start to become more clear. 

To reach spiritual clarification we have to dispose of a lot of what we have be taught(including a lot of ‘biblical’ content which has been humanly interpreted over and over again for reasons of ‘pure’ expediency!)…..  because much of it is clouding our vision and hindering our progress. 

And… I hope that the inverted commas helped too!😄

I must now share with you, one of my favourite Beth Nielsen Chapman songs, “I Find Your Love“, which(you will be relieved to hear!) speaks for itself…… 😄


Tap/Click anywhere on this link…..        (Lyrics are below)……

<a href=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofvukw9rdfxyrj5/I%20Find%20Your%20Love%20-%20Beth%20Nielson%20Chapman.mp4?dl=0″>https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofvukw9rdfxyrj5/I%20Find%20Your%20Love%20-%20Beth%20Nielson%20Chapman.mp4?dl=0</a&gt;

I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face..

Your whisper in the wind’s embrace..

Through diamond stars and songs, and dreams..

I find your love in everything.

The sun, the sky, the rolling sea..

All conspire to comfort me.

From sorrow’s edge, life’s beauty seems

To find your love in everything.

I’ve come to trust the hope it brings..

To find your love in everything.

Even as I fall apart,

Even through my shattered heart.
I’ll catch your smile on someone’s face..

Amazing grace.