Over the last year or so, I have published 73 articles that I hoped would encourage discussion, and the only addition to any comment section was put there by ME!

The only reasons that I can think of for the lack of feedback or discussion, are the following……

1) Nobody is reading the articles ?

2) Most of those reading the articles, disagree with their content, and have written me off(I’d prefer a strong disagreement, with your reasons, if this is the case… And.. it will add balance to the original material) ?

3) None of my contributions are firing anyone up enough for them to want to share their own views… which is what I was hoping for… even vehement disagreement would be better than silence! Surely.. sharing differing views is  the best way of reaching some sort of ‘truth’ ?

4) Maybe an article at the outset put some of you off, and you didn’t read any further?

5) Lots of people are reading the articles; finding them interesting, helpful, thought-provoking, fun, annoying, and/or other reasons; but none of them have felt the need to add their own two penn’orth. ?

If you have actually read some or all of the articles, but haven’t felt the need to throw your own thoughts into the arena; would you.. just this once.. tap/click on the words, “Leave a Comment”  below this article, and just leave a 👍 or even a 👎 ? [or just the words: ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’]

At least that way, I will have an indication that it is(or isn’t) worth my while continuing.  

Maybe my publicity is at fault?… any suggestions on content or publicity will, I can assure you, be most gratefully received and much appreciated. 

BTW….. This is certainly not coming from any form of vanity… I have long since reversed out of that pointless cul-de-sac! 😄And…  For the record…. I’m pretty much ‘unupsettable’! 😆


3 thoughts on “74: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!

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