I have long held this view, and I’d be interested to know how many people feel the same way as I do. 

There is always plenty of ‘hoo-har’ if animals are kept in bad conditions or are treated badly or inhumanely prior to, and/or during the slaughter process in the food industry. 

So far I have referred to air-breathing land-living animals. 

But nobody seems to consider that fish are not quickly and humanely killed, when caught for food. The slow death of asphyxiation is imposed upon them, and because it is silent, it is ignored, and continues to be used as a convenient ‘hands-free’ method. 

This method is used because it is easy, and causes no visual damage to the fish, which(oh, how awful!) might affect its visual appeal to the consumer!😡

This has always bothered me. 

Does it bother you, too?

The solution?

POLL…… Please put ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as a ‘Comment’. Yes = This bothers me. No = This doesn’t bother me. 

If you have any alternative solutions for the killing of fish for food, please share those too. 

I’ll post the totals etc. In a week or so. 


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