Here’s a question to which I am not going to offer my own views.. yet!! However, the previous 68 articles have, I’m sure, given you a chance at guessing what it might be!?😄

Also.. just for future context, I will mention that much of my professional career was spent in some form of teaching…. all subjects at primary level; agriculture/horticulture and sciences at secondary level; and agriculture(in particular; pig-husbandry) at tertiary level. 

Right, here we go…..

I’ve heard it said that, “…when you are educated,  you are fully free..”

What do YOU think is the present-day condition of the educational system??

Remember… your answer/view has the potential of being in one of two main categories….

Either that…

1. The educational system makes individuals captives of most of those who pass through it, which benefits mainly the creators of that system. 


2. Education makes you free to discover….. that it can guide you to know that if/when you use your own judgement, you might be ‘right’ or you might be ‘wrong’, but either is ok, because either can provide valuable learning experience. 

Which of these two SHOULD it be?.. and… 

…which of the two IS IT, at present?

What’s to be done/changed if you feel that change is necessary?

Go on… There are 3 questions for you to consider!

I challenge you to speak your true mind! 

Feel free to back it up with as many things/ideas/views as you can, AND… it’s ok, indeed brave, to be prepared to be ‘wrong’, which is, after all, only based on the view of others, who are coming from their own different and unique place, anyway!👍

If you would share what, and how, you feel about this, in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section, I promise to add my own. 😅

Comments and discussion are in many ways the most valuable contributions to my ‘Food for Thought Offerings’ articles. So do get a bit of practice by getting stuck into this topic😄👍

No fear of being wrong.. Ok?

 Remember… It’s all relative. 

To help(or maybe confuse) you, here is a talk which I found on TED, recently, that I think you will enjoy anyway….. Keep in mind that its title is a question, and that the talk was given 10 years ago. 

Do schools kill creativity?


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