PLEASE FORGIVE my recent changes to the title of the website. 
This is NOT because I am uncertain of the content that I produce to share with you all, but because, as I continue with the content, I’m always anxious to have a title that will draw the highest possible number of partakers… 
WHY?… Certainly NOT for MY sake.. but because I genuinely believe that with an open mind, and not clinging to ANY one set of notions.. we can ALL be truly liberated from the slavery – physical, spiritual and psychological – that all to often we interpret as freedom!

Please… try to find the time/inclination to read them all. I really want to help, by, at least, stimulating thoughts and views, and hopefully also, actions. 

And… please don’t dismiss my material as just, ‘kicking against accepted, established conventions‘ for the sake of it; because that’s not my intention. 

My intention is to try to avail everyone of enough information to make sure that their eventual spiritual, psychological and physical freedom is REAL!👍


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