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Need a reason for major upheaval which will in turn, shake the nation’s confidence, and create a general atmosphere of uncertainty, fear and vulnerability; which will go on to engender a need for some kind of messianic solution to the “problems” which ensue???

What better way to create, and then to amplify all this, than a referendum and its guaranteed fallout!!!.. and if reinforcement is still needed…. well then.. another referendum!!!?

Don’t believe it??

Just look at the last TWO!!…. the Scottish Independence one… which was never accepted and caused a mash-up of the leadership. 

….And the EU Exit one… which hasn’t been accepted(may be re-run), and has caused the current mash-up of leadership!!!

And still we are led by our noses to believe that the whole thing isn’t a massively, unsettlingly orchestrated, charade, perpetrated by a few people that most of us have never seen!!!

Yes, we see the Attila the Huns, the Hitlers, the Mussolinis, the Camerons, etc.. but they are the Punches and Judies…. the smoke-screens… …PUPPETS!!… PAWNS IN THE GAME!!…

…….an orchestrated charade, engineered to shake any previous feeling of stability, in order that the population will grasp at any apparently plausible solution that is offered. 

This way, as with a vote or a referendum, the population, yet again, is deluded into thinking that it has a choice, that the power is in their hands, and that the exercise of this choice is going to affect the eventual outcome for good!!!😆👎

Not true?  Check this lot out….

World Exploration leading to Wars!

Civil Wars!

Wars of Independence!

Space Exploration leading to(you watch too many movies we are told) ‘Star Wars’!

Scientific Exploration leading to the ultimate instruments of War!

The 3rd Reich!

The French Revolution!

The Russian Revolution!

The Spanish Inquisition!

Religious (holy? righteous? justifiable?) Wars!

The Irish Troubles.. what a mashed-up combination of political, religious, and patriotic fervour that STILL IS!!

The Scottish Independence Referendum!

The EU Exit Referendum!

Etc.. etc.. 

How many times does this pattern have to be repeated, before a decisive number of people becomes awake to what is actually happening??!!!…….

And every time; people can be guaranteed to finish up clamouring for the solutions offered by ‘leadership’!

Trace any of the occurrences above, backwards, and there will always be the same basic pattern involved. 

And… What are some of the regular expressions that are fed to us??…

“History Repeats itself…”

“It’s human Nature…”


So… We are programmed to accept the fact that all these disruptions and apparent solutions are ‘naturally-to-be-expected’ sets of circumstances!!

And we fall for it over and over and OVER AGAIN!

Think too, of all the things Hitler was accused of…. 

…..manipulation of events and people, mind-control, torture, genocide, greed, megalomania, the manipulation of money and power!!…

…and I will show you every leader that ever lived!!!!… even though we, more often than not, fall for the line that “…it is ok for us to do it, because we are the ‘good’ guys..”!!

AND.. BY NO COINCIDENCE… notice too, that amongst the unfolding of this apparently random chaos, what is happening every time(and so many see this as “just coincidental”!)…. a major panacea/distraction is occurring!!

Did anyone stop to notice that there might just be a manipulation of events going on right now?.. and that it is “just coincidence” that all this political scrambling is happening at the same time as another European event?…. the European football tournament!!! 

It is NOT by chance that this generally accepted distraction is happening RIGHT NOW!.. amongst all the current unsettling political events!.. which themselves are the initial distraction from what is really happening!

But… just in case anyone might get wise to the initial distraction…. “throw in some major football(of other distraction) to stop them from focusing on the underlying possibilities!”.


BEWARE THE INNOCENT-LOOKING BOX(or flat screen) IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! IT IS NOT AS INNOCENT AS YOU MIGHT IMAGINE!!! Remember how we accused Hitler of using films and other media for  propaganda??….. I rest my case!

There are none so deaf as those who won’t hear; so enslaved as those who think they are free; or so asleep as those who don’t want to wake up!

If any of this applies to you…..

Wakey wakey!… hear the truth.. and be truly free!!

I could go on, but I’ll belt up for now, or some people might just choose the route of least-resistance/ignorance-is-bliss, switch off, and go back to sleep!

Pleaseshare your views on today’s rant if you feel that people are not getting a balanced view of things.


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