64: CHARADE!!?

Could we still BREMAIN??!

I see there’s a petition now doing the rounds regarding the referendum rules having been contravened!  ie: that the winning faction has to have 60% or more of the vote, if the turnout is less than 75%

I find it hard to believe that Cameron wasn’t aware of the rules, and if he was, that he didn’t invoke them rather than resigning on the spot!… Methinks he wanted/needed a reason(even a false flag) to be able to resign, rather than face a vote of no confidence. This all bears out my contention that whatever the result, it will  be spun to the advantage of the ‘string-pullers’. 

This will continue to be the case however many repeats there are of any referendum, even if/when the result is reversed! 

A mighty expensive charade!… at whose expense?!… yep… ours!


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