62: BR has EXITed! So?

WARNING!!… Controversial( if you are still asleep, that is!) material coming up!!!…
The following is NOT pessimism… but, in my opinion, a statement of facts that the powers that be, are at great pains to cloud for us, in any ways they can!… Read on… I dare you😊…….

My predictions of; “Whatever the result, will be MADE to be expedient to the plans of the REAL controllers”, has continued to unfold today!

Already, with the resignation of the PM, the population is going to be made to be preoccupied(even though they have no say in it) with who will succeed him, hence.. more weakening divisions are set in motion. 

The even split of overall voting will perpetuate two large opposing factions(not to mention all the localised ones!), which, in turn, will keep the population bashing away at each other, as ever; and hence perpetuating the necessary preoccupations which keep their minds away from what is REALLY happening!

Now that the impression has been given, that the establishment(inc. royalty) is rent asunder(hohoho… do not be fooled… nothing is further from the truth!), there is now bags of potential for infighting in loads of areas = “Yeeeee haaarrrr!!… divide and conquer/rule!!”…. from the “few”!

When will we ever learn?!! 

When will we ever wake up to the ways in which we are being manipulated/controlled by the use of apparently opposing leaders, who are so easily dividing opinion to open the path even more widely for the ACTUAL rulers(the controllers of the means to everything that the population has been led by the nose to believe they cannot survive without; ie: technology and MONEY) to plough through us all, with their insidious agenda??!!

AND…. what more effective method than a conveniently placed referendum, could have been found, to acquire and expose all the massively diverse views, fears and weaknesses of the people??! Diversity, the knowledge of which, can then be exploited to create further division, and hence further weakness and the likelihood that people will then clamour for the eventual “solutions” that are fed to them!… People who, because of all the imposed preoccupations laid on them, never for a moment see the sinister overall plan!🙃

The acquisition by the “few”, of the knowledge as to how the population is thinking on so many issues, gives them even further power for exploitation of the divisions, than ever before.  

The exploitative agenda behind this(any!) referendum, of ‘divide and conquer/rule’, will hopefully, eventually become clear to people, but…. I fear that it will probably be way too late!!

This whole process has now furnished ‘them’ with the possession of a beautifully accurate view of our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, aspirations, differences and fears, that they could never have acquired so comprehensively by any other method!!

Ever been had!!!?🙃

Find as many ways as you can, of resisting this kind of manipulation. Even mental awareness counts; and share them. 

Don’t follow the line of least resistance, because it’s easier, and you can kid yourself that you’re free, and have choices!

P.S…. I don’t dignify ploys such as this referendum, with a vote either way! Think what you will of me… but do rub your eyes and start to wake up, eh?😳


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