There is but a fine line between the positive and the negative aspects of Patriotism and Religion, and even.. healthy Fanatcism.. although the latter tends to be negative by default!
Only a fine line also exists between doctrine and indoctrination… which can then lead so easily to fanatical and dogmatic indoctrination!!

Although the generally accepted notion is that Patriotism and Religion are positive concepts which instil unity, harmony and love; the fact remains that they can both be SO easily twisted/spun/manipulated to instil separation, disharmony and hatred!

The sad thing is that the negative effect is all too often the case, and is closer to the truth than most people realise!… particularly religious and/or patriotic people!

These ‘seemingly noble’ concepts/ideals, have, for thousands of years, been manipulated and used to negative ends, often by their own leaders, who have first manipulated the generally accepted ‘rules’ by which religion and patriotism function, to make them into expedient vehicles for weakening, subduing, and controlling whole populations!!

Yet again, ‘awareness’ is the key to the exit from the captive/slave versions of these ideals. 

See also: Articles 18, 35, & 48. 


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