Is there any difference?…..

Whatever the outcome of the EU referendum, or the US presidential election(or any referendum or vote, for that matter); the plans of the global ‘puppeteers’ WILL be implemented! 

All voting systems are basically created to give populations the illusion that they have a say or that they have choices! 

Choices??!.. based on what?!…. yep.. what we are told!! 

The preoccupation of our minds(if we allow it), with this illusion of choice, also plays into the hands of the ‘puppeteers’ by distracting our minds from what is REALLY going on!! 

However.. the choice that we DO have(but all too often don’t realise it), is the choice of being open-minded enough, to see through the whole charade that even most politicians aren’t aware of!……

We need to wake up…. sharpish!!!


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