58:  GET REAL!!!!

POLITICS!.... just one of the so-called social conventions, which as with sport, the media, religion, etc., and yes.. even marriage; has the potential to create opposing factions, all of which can so very easily become preoccupied with ‘winning’!This whole process then not only occupies and distracts the opposing factions from what is happening right under their very noses!…, but it also fills their minds with irrelevant rubbish, which in turn blocks their realisation from what is REALLY happening! 

Not only does it preoccupy the bulk of any population, but at the same time, the whole process weakens them, making them much more vulnerable to suggestions from ‘above’, and solutions offered by the same agency!! We have to wake up and see through the way that we are being manipulated from every angle!!.. never forgetting that this manipulation is made even easier for the manipulators if we are full of fear, mostly fear of loss, which explains why their use of agencies such as finance, health, marriage, religion, sport, media, and politics, to name but a very few, are so effective. 

In a word: “Awareness” is the absolute key to enable our escape from this prison that we all too often, so willingly, enter!!


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