57:   P.S. to MARRIAGE….

Here it is in action… Divide and Conquer!!!

Here’s an illustration of just one very uncomplicated(unlike the marriage scenario!) type of situation where people are, without being awake to the fact; are willing victims, falling for the ‘Divide and Conquer’tactic which is being perpetrated on the global population by the ‘few’!!

The people in this video are obviously vehemently convinced that they are free to choose their own method of standing up for something they have been brainwashed into thinking is in their own best interests!! Nothing could be further from the truth!!

I mentioned yesterday that the humanly adjusted form(and attitude towards) of marriage, is one of the more far-reaching vehicles used by the criminal ‘Élite’, to preoccupy and weaken the population, before offering them ‘solutions’ which are dictated by their own hidden self-centred agendas!

Any of their many devious methods need not lead to the eventual control and enslavement of populations….. if those populations will only wake up to the situation, be aware of, and awake to, what is really happening via (cleverly orchestrated, as though there is apparent choice involved) setups such as sport, politics, race, creed, colour, accepted social-conventions(of which marriage is one of the many), all media(inc. especially social-media), health solutions, etc.. etc.. 😡

If you want to add many more to this list of methods by which people are weakened and manipulated, just have a think about most of the daily involvements which are regularly parts of our lives(inc. work) where we are deluded into thinking we actually have the freedom of choice!

Awareness of the fact that our having freedom of choice is NOT the truth; is half the battle towards our not being taken in and controlled(body AND mind!) by this insidious and invidious global Élite, which masquerades as acting in our best interests!

So… in the interests of the genuine freedom of us all…  wake up… ASAP !!


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