56:      MARRIAGE!?

This one is unashamedly controversial, but… I believe that we desperately need to reassess our ideas of not so much what this word means, as to waking up to just how we are being manipulated by a mutation of the whole original concept!!!

Please read on(maybe even over a day or two.. to save reader’s indigestion!) with a truly open mind, and be prepared to ditch some of your long-held preconceived notions! Ok?……..

If you are intent on going into this estate called marriage; make sure your eyes are wide open.. not so much to the original concept, as to the travesty of it, that we have at our disposal now!! 

Whose idea was it?(the estate of marriage as we know it now)…. and from whence did it come?

The ancient global ‘Élite'(stay with me, now!) with their hidden agendas; have, for thousands of years, fed their own expedient version of it to the masses, but… attributing their version directly to ‘God’!


Because they knew, having ambushed and commandeered the whole ‘religion’ concept, that it was the ‘no contest’ solution to their ‘divide and conquer’ tactics with the masses. 

How do they make this work?… and how/where does marriage come into it!!??

Brace yourself!!!…….


1. Exploit the fact that most people have absorbed, and had their lives and thinking moulded by the humanly-created version of ‘religion’, and its expedient interpretation of what they purport to be ‘decrees of ‘God’!!  

2. Make an institution into an accepted social-convention that people will always disagree about!

3. Adjust the ‘rules’ such, that it cannot possibly work!!( this includes even the ‘alleged’ successes which themselves must be up for question). 

Hence there will not only be marital strife, but many and varied spinoffs – inc. sibling strife, parent/child strife, strife and tension and judgment with other family members, friends, and anyone else who feels that the indoctrinated social convention has been contravened.. either legally or morally or …both!!.., not to mention any of those who have been instrumental in the initial marital strife!!!….😡

4. By now.. and it doesn’t take long.. most of the population is preoccupied with the fallout from this created situation, in some way or another!!

5. Result… everyone is so preoccupied with the resultant fighting, backbiting, side-taking, bitching and judging, that most of them totally lose sight of the initial cause!

6. Next thing you know, just as things(as they do) are (sort of)levelling out.. most folk are reminded, at least most Sundays, by both the religious leaders and the ‘law’, and the TV, that fighting, judging, adultery, antisocial behaviour etc.. etc.. are sinful, and that they should be ashamed, and more often than not, should be punished accordingly(even religion falls into this trap!); the punishment often taking the form of laying guilt trips on them by the ‘church’ and the ‘law’!!! The(by now, totally bemused) people involved, then move into a guilt/penitent/depressed state.. as they then become preoccupied with trying to atone for all these sins that have been laid at their door!!… often having it suggested to them that money can be a part of the solution(or even absolution!!). Parting with cash, and being in a permanently preoccupied state does is NOT a state that lends itself to questioning authority, or having an open mind that can see what is REALLY going on!!

7. Then…. here’s the thing!…. all the while that this vicious cycle is being perpetuated…. the ‘élite few’ that have perpetrated the(hitherto unnoticed) crime of systematically putting the masses into this cyclical state of weakness, vulnerability, fear, need, guilt, contrition, etc. which has in turn, created within them, a desperate need for atonement(before they enter the next state of strife, that is!!)!!!! People in this state will do almost anything they are told, to help them to ‘feel better’…. they are putty in the hands of this ‘élite few’, and they(the élite) are guffawing(often right in our faces.. check Bush-Family behaviour!) all the way to the ‘Power Bank’.. not to mention the Federal Reserve(what a con that is!!) and all the other banks!!  

8. In this state, the general population will do anything or say anything, or give money.. in any ways that they are told!! Why?… because it is, their now receptive minds are assured it is the ‘right thing to do’, and it will help both them and others. 

9. This last bit is where ‘God’ and ‘The Law’ come in really handy again… as levers to extricate certain behaviours, and.. as much cash as possible, from the poor deluded, weakened, worn out, browbeaten, preoccupied people, while they are in a state of total preoccupation with either fear of their own failure, their judgement of the failure of others, through to the need for atonement(for themselves, and for it to be thrust on others!).. before the next round of the cycle starts!! 

10. When all this does happen(and it will!), the general population will be so bemused, that all they will want to do is comply with whatever they are told is the solution!!!! 

11. There are still only a few really awake people that can see through this whole charade!! Do yourself(and others) a favour.. FIND THEM, and.. TAKE NOTICE OF THEM! Research their theories. Look at ALL sides with an open mind! 

12. I could give you names, but I don’t want to fall into the category of indoctrination. But… if you take the advice in number 11, there will be much less chance of your being manipulated(the means and methods of the ‘manipulators’ are endless!), and much more chance that the original intentions of the concept of marriage can actually be to your advantage. 👍. However… as long as we are anxious to conform to the(intentionally) broken mutation of a once noble notion; and as long as we are desperately dependent on earning the approval of those with their eyes and minds closed(and/or the approval of those who programmed us to need their approval also); there is not a hint of a chance that it will work as we fondly hope it will… and when it doesn’t?.. well.. we’re programmed to blame ourselves, anyway! 

If you are still of this mindset… or if you are still only in love with a flawed notion of what ‘love’ is; my advice is to steer clear until you wake up! Controversial enough?!😄

13. 😳 !!!WAKEY WAKEY!!! 😳

N.B… Marriage is only one of a whole armoury of weapons of mass disruption and control, at the disposal of this small ‘élite’ band of criminals. Our only effective defence is to wake up and see through their whole charade!!! But they have in their favour, the basic human condition(ing!), which includes:- “There are none so blind as those who won’t ‘see’…. none so deaf as those who refuse to ‘hear’.. and.. none as enslaved as those who think they are free!!”

Stay open-minded.. Ok?? 👍

Be careful and realistic about what you wish/hope for!  And always be aware of the fact that there are agencies of evil that will try to use your fear of losing those things/people/situations that really matter to you, to control you. 

Just be aware… that’s all. 


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