52:      ADHD Education?? (This is not necessarily what you may be expecting from the title!)

It took this article(link is below) from Jon Rappoport, to crystallise my own thinking on the reasons that today’s ‘Education’ is not working for those who are educated by it…. that is, apart from the odd few who can not only see through it, but also ‘succeed’, in the true sense of the word, despite it(and I include educators here!). 

Here is Jon’s article, below which I have added my initial thoughts,  which I added to his ‘Comments’ section:-


And my initial thoughts……

” ‘Nail’ and ‘head’ are the two words that sprung to my mind after reading your article, Jon. 

“Today’s ‘educators’ see their clientèle from the consumer society, with its butterfly-minded population, and what do they do!?…. they go with an accommodating approach to educating them!!

“Why??… Possibly partly because it would appear to be easier, but also possibly because the elite overlords(well above puppet politicians!) think that confused, restricted people in need of direction, will be much easier to mould at later stages! 

“Most of the hands-on educators are also probably unaware of the overall agenda, and find that their only success is that of perpetuating a general mindset that cannot concentrate on any one thing for long enough to master it!! 

“Hence both ‘educators’ and ‘educated’ finish up tense, and stressed, and insecure, and lacking in self-confidence/esteem…. a deficit in attention, and hyperactive! 

“They also finish up either trying to make up, or catch up, or worse still.. trying to cover up, deficiencies that they can’t even understand themselves… 

“You’re right on the money with your conclusion that educators are creating and perpetuating a generation of ADHD people, even though in their heart of hearts, they know darned well that they are leading students down the wrong road!

“The unfortunate products of all this, are bemused by the fact that they are anxious, stressed, depressed, fatigued and struggling with relationships, and very confused!…. particularly if they have left school/college with a fistful of papers with ‘A’ stamped on them!!  

“ADHD is the only possible result that can come from today’s approaches to ‘education’, and it plays right into the hands of the few who don’t particularly want them to understand any more than is necessary for their turning their own little cog in the machine!!
“At best they become bemused ‘A’ students, and at worst.. bemused disruptive students!… perfectly non-resilient putty for the future purposes of which most of them will never become aware. 😳

Sound familiar?? ”


And your view??…..⤵️👍

(You can find, and add to, further comments on this theme, in my next article: 52b)

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