51:   More Abandoned Places. 

I have a strange fascination with abandoned places, and I’ve been trying to weigh up why that is!🤔

I hasten to add here, that it’s definitely not a morbid fascination, neither is it a depressing one. Everything in these scenes is thriving beautifully… except the remains of our ‘civilisation’.  As I continue to be drawn to these places, I have been looking more closely, to see if I can spot what it is about them, that fascinates me so much. 

I eventually began to realise that it is not the place that fascinates me so much as; what happened, what is happening, and what will happen, in all of these instances. The pictures are just snapshots of a moment during the process of change in every one of these places. 

The change may, to some eyes, appear to be decay, destruction and desolation, but to mine it is just the opposite!

I have eventually realised that the reason I find these scenes so serenely comforting, is the peacefulness, the gradual moving away from ‘civilisation’ and returning to ‘nature’, and the assurance that we cannot ruin the earth, and that it will always heal itself. 

These scenes are but the transient scabs on wounds inflicted on the earth by humankind, which show proof that the healing process is well underway. 

The scabs will eventually fall away, and the healing process will be complete. 

This, I think, is why these scenes give me such feelings of peaceful reassurance. 


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