54:  CYCLES vs TIME?

Of all the living proof that time is an illusion, the most convincing evidence for those wanting something a bit more ‘concrete’, is:- 
The Cycles of Life: The Reproductive Cycles of animals and plants; The Cycle of Life itself; The Water Cycle, The Carbon Cycle; The Nitrogen Cycle; The Planetary Cycles; The Yearly(etc.) Cycle; The Cycle of the Seasons etc.. etc.. Not only do they have their own cycles, but each cycle is part of the overall universal cycle… from atomic to galactic levels. 

In a cycle… the beginning is the end, AND, the end is the beginning, and this can only happen if the setup is eternal/timeless. 

Your thoughts??



I fondly hope that the visual illustrations will help to remind us that ‘Loving Without Attachment’ doesn’t have to mean pushing people away, but neither should we ‘cling’…… Read on……

How many of you have thought about loving without attachment or what that even means? It’s a tricky concept to understand and live, it has been for me. To love without attachment means we open our hearts to another but we don’t control or possess them. It’s not something we can consciously embark upon, or learn.. definitely tricky! We must shun the ingrained concept of wanting to ‘own’ another(..you’re mine!) , because neither do I want to be owned(..I’m yours!). 

In the splendid book, The Way to Love, The Last Meditations of Anthony De Mello; Anthony suggests we say to our love, “I leave you free to be yourself, to think your thoughts, to indulge your taste, follow your inclinations, behave in any way that you decide is to your liking.” 

He adds: “The moment you say that, you will observe one of two things: Either your heart will resist those words and you will be exposed for the clinger and exploiter that you are; so now is the time to examine your false belief that without this person you cannot live or cannot be happy. Or.. your heart will pronounce the words sincerely, and in that very instant all control, manipulation, exploitation, possessiveness, jealousy will drop.”

What do you think? When a friend first read those words to me I wasn’t ready to accept them. I responded with the resistance De Mello describes. But I know, now, this is how I want to live, although I’ll admit it’s not always easy, but at the same time it is so liberatingly ‘right’!

The fact is; we can never really own another and I don’t believe we’re meant to. Nor are there any guarantees, as much as we would love there to be. Loss is simply a part of life. We can lose those we love to death and we can lose them to other relationships. Sometimes love in the ‘owning’ sense, just dies. The person I love could meet someone tomorrow who draws them away from me. This does not make either of them bad people in spite of what our society may say. Love happens, relationships finish. We all know this. Most of us have experienced it at one time or another. But that hurts, so we still long for the fairy tale, don’t we? And sometimes love does last a lifetime. Let’s celebrate it when it does, but let’s lovingly release it when it doesn’t. As hard as it is, when a relationship completes itself we are meant to move on. When the lessons we came together to learn have been gained, we are supposed to let go. I think part of loving is knowing when to do that, if that time comes.

De Mello goes on to say, “Your beloved will then belong not to you but to everyone or to no one, like the sunrise… 

In saying those words you have set yourself free. You are now ready to love… Love can only exist in freedom. The true lover seeks the good of his beloved which requires especially the liberation of the beloved from the lover.”

Loving without attachment doesn’t mean we love less. I think it actually means we love more. We love with our hearts fully open, but we don’t hold to any sense of ownership. And we take responsibility for finding our own happiness within. We don’t depend on the love of a particular other to create it for us. In loving like this we make our own lives which we can then share with another if we choose… I’m convinced that this is real love. 

In the past, I wasn’t aware of how deeply I’d internalised our societal beliefs about relationships. So now I’m sifting through them, and attempting to shed those that do not serve. Neither did I have the self-confidence or internal peace needed for a non-possessive kind of commitment to work. I’m now so grateful for the enlightenment that has been granted to me, that I cannot only ‘see’ all this, but to so happily live it, too. But… it has taken most of my mortal span to go through all that has been necessary for me to reach this point. But… that’s what life is for, isn’t it?

We can’t all snap our fingers and suddenly be transformed into people who seamlessly love within the kind of freedom DeMello is talking about. It can be a life-long process of growth and discovery; an ongoing learning.. two steps forward, one step back, as they say. But.. I can assure you that the journey is so very worth the time and effort. 

There are few role models to follow so we have to make it up as we go along, and hope that the right signposts will appear. 

I now believe it’s a good way to learn to live, with complete autonomy for both people in a partnership, who each have a genuine desire for the other’s good. 

My thanks to Jean Weigel and Anthony De Mello for their inspiration which helped me with this article. 


52b:  A bit more on ADHD ‘Education’…

Give article 52 a go, before you read this. (Link below this article)…

This was my reply to one or two people who left comments on Jon’s blog, who were not in favour of any mechanical and/or rote learning.  Neither am I…. not ALL the time, but I feel it has its place in some areas……

My offering, regarding this reservation of quite a few who replied on Jon’s site…….

“I definitely agree with the incorporation of research and discovery learning. 

However.. rote learning(once the logic and mechanics are understood), of some of the basic ‘tools’ which can be tucked away for regular use at a later date, can be invaluable. 

I am still massively grateful for having the multiplication bonds drilled in… I can still instantly produce the product of any multiple up to 12 x 12, and it makes all the difference to the other 3 functions too. Unlike a calculator.. I know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of all these number-bonds, as well as being able to produce instant answers. 

When I was teaching agricultural science, animal-husbandry, horticulture, and farm-economics in a large comprehensive school(UK), most of our learning constituted following leads and ideas, trying and testing various methods, via animal and plant husbandry, etc. 

Not only did the (often mentally challenged… I dare not use any other terms!!) students enjoy the process of working on farms, attending livestock auctions etc. etc., (not to mention our own small-holding(pigs, poultry, goats, geese, rabbits, Guinea-pigs, and a host of greenhouse and outdoor produce); they also actually finished up with great exam-results too!… basically as a bonus bi-product of the whole process; which in turn boosted their confidence and self-esteem. 

These were kids that had never had a “result” in any other subject in their lives! And the life-skills and interpersonal skills came as an integral part of the package along with the incidental exam-result bonus! (A, B, and C mostly). 

I always felt so grateful to have a subject that could be approached in such practical ways, and in a way that gave these kids what they really needed.. a rounded education through the approach to this subject material. 

They used to tell me the stories of their lives as we dragged each other’s boots off in the potting-shed!😆

Many other subjects could work this way, if teachers were given the permission to invoke their own professional judgement in the methods of arriving at the desired destination.  Unfortunately there are those who have a different agenda and a different desired destination for today’s youngsters… in my humble opinion, that is!😉

I found that my own willing hard work and enthusiasm, engendered the same in the most unlikely kids, and I loved my job right up to retirement, even though the whole shebang was, by then, being forced on to its present sinisterly slippery slope by things such as a National Curriculum, SATs, the removal of most practical experience(health and bloody safety!!) and the use of their professional judgement by teachers…. following instincts and working together.  

Today’s educators are now mostly working AGAINST their own instinctive judgement, to produce what??!…

Yep…. ADHD!! It’s a crying shame, and a criminal treatment of today’s educators and their students. 

But at least we now know what the ‘powers that be’ are up to!!…. don’t we??!

Awareness of that, is half the battle of winning back our right to a properly conducted and positively all-round effective education. 

“Education” is not the word I would use for what’s going on at the moment!!”

What would yours be??😉


52:      ADHD Education?? (This is not necessarily what you may be expecting from the title!)

It took this article(link is below) from Jon Rappoport, to crystallise my own thinking on the reasons that today’s ‘Education’ is not working for those who are educated by it…. that is, apart from the odd few who can not only see through it, but also ‘succeed’, in the true sense of the word, despite it(and I include educators here!). 

Here is Jon’s article, below which I have added my initial thoughts,  which I added to his ‘Comments’ section:-


And my initial thoughts……

” ‘Nail’ and ‘head’ are the two words that sprung to my mind after reading your article, Jon. 

“Today’s ‘educators’ see their clientèle from the consumer society, with its butterfly-minded population, and what do they do!?…. they go with an accommodating approach to educating them!!

“Why??… Possibly partly because it would appear to be easier, but also possibly because the elite overlords(well above puppet politicians!) think that confused, restricted people in need of direction, will be much easier to mould at later stages! 

“Most of the hands-on educators are also probably unaware of the overall agenda, and find that their only success is that of perpetuating a general mindset that cannot concentrate on any one thing for long enough to master it!! 

“Hence both ‘educators’ and ‘educated’ finish up tense, and stressed, and insecure, and lacking in self-confidence/esteem…. a deficit in attention, and hyperactive! 

“They also finish up either trying to make up, or catch up, or worse still.. trying to cover up, deficiencies that they can’t even understand themselves… 

“You’re right on the money with your conclusion that educators are creating and perpetuating a generation of ADHD people, even though in their heart of hearts, they know darned well that they are leading students down the wrong road!

“The unfortunate products of all this, are bemused by the fact that they are anxious, stressed, depressed, fatigued and struggling with relationships, and very confused!…. particularly if they have left school/college with a fistful of papers with ‘A’ stamped on them!!  

“ADHD is the only possible result that can come from today’s approaches to ‘education’, and it plays right into the hands of the few who don’t particularly want them to understand any more than is necessary for their turning their own little cog in the machine!!
“At best they become bemused ‘A’ students, and at worst.. bemused disruptive students!… perfectly non-resilient putty for the future purposes of which most of them will never become aware. 😳

Sound familiar?? ”


And your view??…..⤵️👍

(You can find, and add to, further comments on this theme, in my next article: 52b)

51:   More Abandoned Places. 

I have a strange fascination with abandoned places, and I’ve been trying to weigh up why that is!🤔

I hasten to add here, that it’s definitely not a morbid fascination, neither is it a depressing one. Everything in these scenes is thriving beautifully… except the remains of our ‘civilisation’.  As I continue to be drawn to these places, I have been looking more closely, to see if I can spot what it is about them, that fascinates me so much. 

I eventually began to realise that it is not the place that fascinates me so much as; what happened, what is happening, and what will happen, in all of these instances. The pictures are just snapshots of a moment during the process of change in every one of these places. 

The change may, to some eyes, appear to be decay, destruction and desolation, but to mine it is just the opposite!

I have eventually realised that the reason I find these scenes so serenely comforting, is the peacefulness, the gradual moving away from ‘civilisation’ and returning to ‘nature’, and the assurance that we cannot ruin the earth, and that it will always heal itself. 

These scenes are but the transient scabs on wounds inflicted on the earth by humankind, which show proof that the healing process is well underway. 

The scabs will eventually fall away, and the healing process will be complete. 

This, I think, is why these scenes give me such feelings of peaceful reassurance.