47:   AWARENESS!..

Awareness is the key to finding your true, liberated, spiritual self. 
The 12 topics you are about to enjoy, could help you in this; a lot!… 
…and fascinate you in the process. 

And… you may well feel you’ve known it all along…. You have!!

The 12 topics come straight from, “Awareness”, by Anthony De Mello.  

 I hope that you find them vital to your life. 

You will find the topics on the right-hand-side of the page that the following link will take you to: (read the text on the left-hand-side of the page, first)…


Soak it up…. 

There’s nothing new, but maybe the rest of your living has buried it? In which case you’ll be needing the shovel from Blog 45!


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