43:  BREXIT!!!  In Out, In Out; Shake it all About!!     Hokey Cokey??! OR.. Hokus Pokus??!

The effects of the outcome of the referendum are already decided!
The posturing of the politicians, and our voting; are all designed to give us the illusion that we have freedom and a choice!

And… the repercussions (whatever the result) have been planned WELL in advance, to be the most expedient in increasing the power of the conglomerates and the money barons!… and… reducing our freedom!!

You can be sure too, that any little apparently positive titbits that may be thrown to us, are also planned into the expediency of the outcome. 

“In, out; in, out… Shake it all about!…”  

“In or out” is not the actual critical factor… but the way that the result has been planned to affect our freedom and our income, IS!!

It really is basically a load of Hokus Pokus!!!… mainly Pokus!!!

And… we continue to dance to their tune, and think that we are in control and that everything is fine!! 

Hokey flamin’ Cokey!!!🙄

Wakey.. Waaaykey!!!😳

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