42: What is the Universe expanding into??

This was a question I found as the title of a YouTube clip. Here is the clip….. 

And this was the comment that I left…..

“My contention is that space is infinite both in size and and age. 

Space ‘is’!! No beginning… no end.. either in time(an illusion we have created for our own intellectual convenience), or in its infinity!!

Maybe the matter that moves and changes in space, has got a finite size and age, but I don’t think so!

So.. space itself(the canvas, if you like), isn’t expanding (or contracting) into anywhere else; it just is an infinite space without boundaries….. IMHO!! 😅

The matter(the paint that makes the picture) may well be rushing apart, and then hurtling together, alternately…. infinitely!!! 😆

What do YOU think?!!”

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