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A reply I posted recently on the Facebook page, “The Mechanics of Thought” that is maybe worthy of your consideration??……”Mathematically, there may well be no actual absolute ‘infinity’, although ‘absolute’ tends to suggest a possible boundary!!?
So do you or don’t you acknowledge the existence of pure ACTUAL infinity?

My choice of view, is that the universe(multiverse) never had a beginning.. it always ‘was’ in one form or another(probably numerous big-bangs here and there), and… that by the same token, it has no end; either time-wise(which basically eliminates ‘time’ as a human construct for the convenience of our own species(no other living entity, imho, has any concept of time, any more than it shares our concept of cognition and emotions), or… physically.

Hence… and here’s a mind-boggler for you!….

EVERYWHERE, is at the centre of the Uni(multi)verse”!!!…, because wherever you are, the Uni(multi)verse extends(imho) in EVERY direction, from that point to infinity!! Yes??😆”


30:  DEMOCRACY??                      .. or.. DEMONCRACY??!!

Here is my reply to a string of comments re ‘democracy and its effectiveness’, on Facebook:-
“Democracy’ as we think it exists.. doesn’t!! In fact it is non-existent in any shape or form, if we see it as “Power to The People!”… an illusion/delusion!.. fed to us to keep us compliant and distracted, by thinking that we’re actually involved. We’re not!… except in fulfilling the rôle of hard-working or benefit-grabbing victims! Make no mistake; the receipt of benefits makes people more dependent on the ‘giver’.. along with making them beholden, and hence even more controllable. The more that are on benefits, the happier the string-pullers become! Hence all the media ‘benefits celebrities’ that are springing up!

And… The money always finds its way back to the coffers of the givers faster than you may imagine!… so that the system can perpetuate itself!

Call me a cynic, and a conspiracy theorist all you like, but deep down you know it’s true!! And that’s just the tiny bit we know about😖!

As for people-power; it is just a necessary part of the illusion, so that the people can be constantly distracted by the delusion that they are making a difference = apparent difference = alleged difference = enhanced illusion!… whilst all the time, the ‘real’ agenda is being implemented!

You can be quite sure that these apparent differences that the people are led to believe that they made, are all well within the intentions of the actual difference-makers! 

Wars, threats of wars, and their outcomes; are among the most effective ways in which our behaviours and our money can be manipulated!

Democracy!?..you jest?!. 

‘Demoncracy’ would be a more accurate term for what’s going on… globally!!

💤 Wakey wakey!!!……😳”. 



Here are a few of my (suggested) definitions of what I feel are some very commonly held misconceptions……. 

*Worship > attitude of gratitude…..

I am convinced that the Notion of Worship is Misconceived by most Religion(s)!!…

I have come to the conclusion that we are not intended to worship the teachers, teachings or pointers, in the traditional religious sense, but to just retain an inherent attitude of gratitude for everything. 


**Prayer > producing and emanating positive energy. 


***Love one another > be compassionate to everything that exists, however we may want to judge some its manifestations. 

See the other (everything/everyone) as ourselves, because everything is driven by the same energy-source, however misguided it may sometimes be/seem. 

Don’t lay expectations on others or situations or materials… it is surely wrong for us to lay down conditions based on our own personal hopes/notions/preferences!!? As John Lennon wisely stated in a song.. “Let it Be…”   


****God > the one universal life/love/conscious awareness/energy…. a very real entity!!.. Anthropomorphising or personifying such an entity, limits it and reduces it to our own petty definitions!?


*****Heaven = God > the one universal life/love/conscious awareness/energy…. 

******Death > a commonly misunderstood term for the return to whence we came…. yet still being, albeit in a different form, a part of the the one universal life/love/conscious awareness/energy…. NOT an ‘ending’!…. 

‘Death’ is the opposite of ‘birth’… Life doesn’t have an opposite!… life IS… always has been and always will be!


*******Attachments > be careful not to misunderstand my interpretation of this one! Basically.. never become attached to, or expect anything from; any person, thing or situation. These things can be taken from you, and if your happiness is invested in any of them, then that will also be lost!

Follow this advice, and you will find that you have been liberated, and to then be in a position to truly love…. with a love that is selfless, and does not cling or have the unreasonable expectation of a return… love in its purest sense!



Our mistaken focus is all to often on an external supernatural personification of our inbuilt life-source….

We interpret religious pointings far too literally…. eg.. God is a human in non-human-form in the sky… and then.. that we should worship ‘him’!.. whereas we are simply(even in words from the bible) intended to move in a positive direction by retaining an ‘attitude of gratitude’ for everything(people, situations, materials etc)…. whether or not our egotistical minds put a ‘spin’ of good or bad on any of it. 

The judging of anything (or anyone) to be good or bad, comes entirely from our own personal standpoint at any given point… so is NOT EVER objective and therefore unreliable. 

Just be grateful for the fact that everything is working together for good, however painful or wrong the process may seem to us at some points along the way. 

We don’t have the full picture… yet!!😏

Nothing is un-natural OR supernatural!….

ALL things are universally natural. 

What we suppose to be supernatural or un-natural, are just things that are, as yet, outside of our very limited(and limiting) experience. 

The one life/love/ awareness/consciousness/God/energy, is what drives everything in the universe. 

Everything is full if ‘life’.. driven by the universal ‘life-force’.. from human consciousness to the particles-within-particles, that make up the whole universal material (and non-material) realm…. in my humble opinion. 

None of the above, as far as I can see, contravenes any of the basic teachings of any of the recognised religious teachers. 

I suggest that, all too often, human ‘religious’ spin has been put on the initial teachings/intentions, to suit the human religious institutional intentions(often, I suspect, as part of less than honourable agendas) for their adherents. 

You must have an opinion of my opinions??… even if it is that I am the one who is misguided….. Please share it in the ‘Comments’ section(or email me: drewgalloway@outlook.com)… I can take it!



 ‘Political Correctness’ can be a very important aspect of our dealings with one another, but it can be overdone!!And heck!!.. have we overdone it recently!!!

Overdone or wrongly done, political correctness can actually become a very destructive, negative emotion; particularly when we are either searching for things to be offended by, or worse… searching for people on behalf of whom we can be offended!!.. when those people so often would never have been offended themselves in the first place!! 

And.. we SO often forget that(almost always) the best way to deal with what could potentially become offensive, is to….


There are few things that people intent on causing offence hate more than, being ignored!!