38:  ENRAGED?!

I’ve been engaging in a lot of discussions recently!😄
A few days ago, I came across this comment, regarding video depictions of Muslim violence.. inc. suicide bombing….
“…I am enraged at Muslim violence, purported to be justified by their religion!…”

My answer was this:-

“Being enraged about this situation, is not the emotion to solve it! It just counters rage with rage, and puts us in the same category as those that cause our feelings of rage!

“I’m not enraged… just overwhelmingly saddened by the way that SO many of the adherents of ALL the mainstream religions have strayed SO far from the intentions of the original spiritual teachers.”😟

Are your feelings the same, or different from mine, on this perennial occurrence?

PLEASE…  do join in, by adding your views to my blogs….. It will make them so much more useful to future readers. 


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