A reply I posted recently on the Facebook page, “The Mechanics of Thought” that is maybe worthy of your consideration??……”Mathematically, there may well be no actual absolute ‘infinity’, although ‘absolute’ tends to suggest a possible boundary!!?
So do you or don’t you acknowledge the existence of pure ACTUAL infinity?

My choice of view, is that the universe(multiverse) never had a beginning.. it always ‘was’ in one form or another(probably numerous big-bangs here and there), and… that by the same token, it has no end; either time-wise(which basically eliminates ‘time’ as a human construct for the convenience of our own species(no other living entity, imho, has any concept of time, any more than it shares our concept of cognition and emotions), or… physically.

Hence… and here’s a mind-boggler for you!….

EVERYWHERE, is at the centre of the Uni(multi)verse”!!!…, because wherever you are, the Uni(multi)verse extends(imho) in EVERY direction, from that point to infinity!! Yes??😆”


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