35:  Racial unrest created by warped concepts of religion!?

The big basic mistake shown so clearly in this video,Provocative Christian Patrol!(my suggested title), as so-called Christians being purposefully, and goadingly provocative, in an otherwise quite peaceful situation!… in order to create an excuse to then give a response that they felt totally righteous in doing. And so it escalated!!!… as it always will! 

The Christian Patrol got exactly the response it expected, which then provided the excuse for them to behave indignantly at the response! And of course the response turned out to be a mirror-image of what this patrol was giving out!

This shows the absolute worst face of ANY religion that feels it is in the right, and hence then feels righteously entitled to be intolerant of, and attack, any people who think differently!!

This is an island with people on it. Once we start to label the country and the people as Christian or Muslim etc., we have lost the whole point of what the original spiritual teachers were at pains to make plain. Adherents, many of whom eventually warp the original teachings so much, that we finish up with the total opposite of the original intention… as this video demonstrates so upsettingly! 😖

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