30:  DEMOCRACY??                      .. or.. DEMONCRACY??!!

Here is my reply to a string of comments re ‘democracy and its effectiveness’, on Facebook:-
“Democracy’ as we think it exists.. doesn’t!! In fact it is non-existent in any shape or form, if we see it as “Power to The People!”… an illusion/delusion!.. fed to us to keep us compliant and distracted, by thinking that we’re actually involved. We’re not!… except in fulfilling the rôle of hard-working or benefit-grabbing victims! Make no mistake; the receipt of benefits makes people more dependent on the ‘giver’.. along with making them beholden, and hence even more controllable. The more that are on benefits, the happier the string-pullers become! Hence all the media ‘benefits celebrities’ that are springing up!

And… The money always finds its way back to the coffers of the givers faster than you may imagine!… so that the system can perpetuate itself!

Call me a cynic, and a conspiracy theorist all you like, but deep down you know it’s true!! And that’s just the tiny bit we know about😖!

As for people-power; it is just a necessary part of the illusion, so that the people can be constantly distracted by the delusion that they are making a difference = apparent difference = alleged difference = enhanced illusion!… whilst all the time, the ‘real’ agenda is being implemented!

You can be quite sure that these apparent differences that the people are led to believe that they made, are all well within the intentions of the actual difference-makers! 

Wars, threats of wars, and their outcomes; are among the most effective ways in which our behaviours and our money can be manipulated!

Democracy!?..you jest?!. 

‘Demoncracy’ would be a more accurate term for what’s going on… globally!!

💤 Wakey wakey!!!……😳”. 


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