BORN DEAF!!……An opinion I read recently…..

“Hello, an interesting question… If a person is born deaf and does not learn a language then what language is their inner monologue in. It’s all a bit Cartesian Theatre from my days at uni. I’m guessing the brain has a universal inner monologue language that is expressed through a facade layer of recognised languages. Interested to hear your thoughts. I’ll ask my bilingual colleague what language she ‘thinks’ in.”

My reply….

“My view is that this person would ‘think’ in terms of the other senses…. images, movements, situations, touch, temperature, taste, smell… all of which will be enhanced by the lack of the hearing sense. 

Dogs and other animals don’t have language as we think of it, but they communicate very subtly via energy transference of all kinds, including emotional. 

I think that our guess that a person born deaf internalises some form of language, is as far from the truth as it can be! 

We could only come anywhere near an understanding of how they link with the world around them, if we too were born deaf. 

Hence also our very poor guesses at what the world of an autistic child is like, or a person born blind. 

Our attempts to understand or identify with people in this position come from OUR standpoints, and not THEIRS!!.. This is the main flaw in our attempts to understand or communicate with them, and.. the reason for our continuing failure. 

We should try to just ‘be’ with them… in the moment.😊… and move on from there. 

We must meet them where THEY are, and not where we think they are!… in the moment, without language as WE know it. 

I often think that language has become the main barrier to understanding, wisdom, and true communication in humankind, because it can never adequately express or communicate the most important aspects of life, and it is prone to so much misinterpretation, and creates masses of misunderstanding, because its meanings are so different for each person, each situation, each time, and all the possible permutations of those three!…. And that’s not even taking into account the degree and types of differences in people,situations, tone of voice, etc……. which is why most of us should use a lot less of it!!… Especially me!! 🤐. 😄”

Your views??

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