19… Catholic Priesthood and Celibacy!

I absolutely concur that an ordained priest should be equally available/committed to the whole spectrum of the community.. not a problem.
The problems start to surface thick and fast when celibacy becomes an absolute requirement for that vocation, particularly when there is no direct scriptural requirement for it!Jesus’s ministry involved approaching people as unique individuals, and hence it was a unique approach for each individual.. starting from where each person was on their life’s journey.
Surely a priest can work on the exact same premise.. one approach for one person, another for another, and yet another for his wife. All would be of EQUAL importance, but DIFFERENT…
The approach to any one(wife included), being the appropriate one for that unique individual. Intimacy would not be appropriate in all cases but one. Yet another approach would maybe not appropriate for his wife. BUT the availability and dedication of the priest to ALL his parishioners would still be equally deserved, and equally dispensed… just like Jesus!

Surely, if a view such as mine, could be instigated; untold human suffering could be avoided… For the priest: he would not have to repress his God-given instinct for intimacy/procreation, and…. for that innumerable host of God’s innocent, young, vulnerable, trusting, children; so many of whose young lives have been blighted by behaviour that has been a direct product of the celibacy ‘rule’.. which isn’t even scriptural in its origins!

This ‘rule’ has been just SO wrong in SO many ways, for TOO long!!

My response to the dogma that celibacy is required of the priesthood on the basis that in the post-christian era, sex, along with money and power, has become an abused attribute(and hence, as such, must be abolished regarding the priesthood); is…. that on a similar premise, abused inaugurations such as Christmas should be abolished too!??

PLEASE feel free to shoot me down(not TOO harshly though!) if you feel that I’m wrong or misguided 🙂

I’d be pleased to hear from you whatever your view on my opinion, and I’d be particularly interested if you happen to be a Catholic priest! 🙂


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