18… My view on “religion”…..

Some of the blogs on this site will be focused on my position as far as ‘religion’ is concerned; which, given the first 55 years of my life, most people would expect to be a totally ‘pro-religion’ stance.

Not so!….
However.. don’t misinterpret this as my meaning that if I’m not FOR religion, I must be against it. Not so, either!!

I believe that organised institutional religion CAN BE the greatest stumbling block to spirituality, and ‘waking up’! But… this doesn’t HAVE to be the case.

I’m convinced that none of the great spiritual teachers… Christ, The Buddha, Mohammed etc., intended to create an exclusive sect with harsh dogmas. Dogmas and Doctrines that I’m sure would make them cringe if they returned. They were about compassion, mercy, grace and forgiveness; not engendering fear of damnation if we dare to stray from the straight and narrow path.

I often wonder just how SO many have managed to get the whole thing SO wrong! 

It is staggering just how many ‘adherents’ have accepted indoctrination, so completely, that the leaders of these sects/denominations/religions, have been able to control them(and their purses!) through fear, guilt, desperation for salvation, into total submission!!  ..Submission that is all too often to the will of church leaders, as opposed to the ‘will of God’!!

Also.. how the blue blazes can people who all call themselves Christians, reconcile the fact that the Christian ‘religion’ is rent asunder with schisms such as DIFFERENT DOCTRINES!! 👹

There’s Catholic Doctrine, Anglican Doctrine, Baptist Doctrine, Methodist Doctrine etc… to name but a very few (yet ALL Christian!) denominational doctrines!! 😡.    And can they agree on a common doctrine??!… maybe when hell freezes over!!

Their doctrines differ SO greatly on what they see as important issues.

However, I’m sure that Christ, Buddha, Mohammad etc. would disagree with the fact that most of these issues are crucial to spirituality!

I’m not necessarily suggesting or advocating that every ‘religious’ person deserts their particular faith, but.. there is a desperate need for them to drop all the things, situations, previous assumptions, beliefs and indoctrination that would hinder their reaching a real awareness, awakeness, spirituality and plain simple stillness. 

If we could all just keep open hearts and minds… not be obsessed with past and future… not cling to(or invest our happiness in) things, situations and people(or even salvation!)…. we could attain that state that people like Christ promised was possible. 

Things such as joy and happiness can so easily be lost if they are attached to things/people/situations; because desirable things, people and situations, are fickle, and can SO easily be lost… And with them will go our happiness! 

Even if these things are not taken from us, there will always be an underlying fear of that loss, which will always hinder our finding the true happiness which dwells within us!

SO….. just ‘BE’, and ‘be’ with compassion…. that’s all it takes!

Drop all the things that love is NOT; live in the moment, and be open to everything with a stillness of mind. 

Then.. maybe, without any other fears or strivings, there is just a chance that the ‘penny will drop’ !

Self-consciously chase after love, happiness, salvation… Look for it outside of who you are, and you will only succeed in increasing your distance from these things.

Remember… you don’t need a reason to be kind.
Just be yourself,  which is love, compassion and happiness, and dump what you are NOT! 

You are NOT the sum of your thoughts, actions, opinions and experiences… they are incidental surface flutterings. You ARE the awareness, the love, the compassion, the happy soul, and.. the consciousness which is aware of all these other parts of your ‘story’, and sees them for what they are!

PLEASE join any or all of the discussions on my blog articles. I try to practice what I extol… my mind is open to the sharing of different opinions, in fact I welcome it.. be it pro or con. 😄👍

Pitch in, and let’s see what comes out of the melting-pot!


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