“The world’s in a mess, but all is well!” (A. De Mello)

It’s good to know that the atmosphere is still fending off that cosmic radiation! The earth is in fine fettle… it is human minds where the problems lie! ☺️…. 

Problems are human perceptions or thought-forms… the ‘spin’ that our minds attach to circumstances. 

Problems only exist in the human mind!?😓

The earth changes.. always has.. always will; it is bound to do. We only see some of the changes as problematic, inasmuch as they impact on our own selfish, thought-created view/version of existence. 

What’s your view?? 😊

15… The Earth Will Always heal Itself…

I couldn’t resist one or two more of these…

We delude ourselves if we think we can harm the Earth. It changes and adjusts to whatever happens, despite our arrogance that it depends on one crazy species that has been here for but the blink of an eye.

And, just as quickly, we will be gone, and the Earth will hardly notice.

14: “Home is a song I’ve always remembered”(Teitur)……

Having watched this TED video of Teitur performing his 2 songs, I am reminded of my own feelings of what ‘home’ is……

First the video… just ‘feel’ it….. 

My belief is that ‘home’ is not a place, but a feeling, a state of mind, or even.. a state of NO mind!( thoughts can often push us away from ‘home’!…We should spread Teitur’s song as far as we can… the total performance clarifies what ‘home’ is, so incredibly well… BUT.. just remembering the words isn’t a way of realising where ‘home’ is, or even finding it… It’s a feeling that the whole performance conveys, that defies definition by just the music and/or the lyrics… the ‘whole’ is so much more than the sum of the parts with this song. So many people could be so much happier, if they stopped looking for ‘home’ outside of themselves. 

Once we start searching for ‘home’ or ‘truth’ or ‘happiness’ outside of ourselves(particularly if we believe these things can be found in the past or the future); then all we do is move further away from where we want to be…. Don’t think too much!.. Be here, now, and then just compassionately, ‘be’!

Then, there’s every chance you’ll find that you’re home!😄. 

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