13. “Unfriending” someone on Facebook!

Check this article out and then see if you agree with my comments below….http://yahoonewsdigest-intl.tumblr.com/post/129845820642/unfriending-a-colleague-on-facebook-is-workplace

I disagree with the ruling in this article!!

Being upset to such an extreme degree by being removed from the friends-list of someone who prefers to not have contact, is a more accurate definition of social immaturity than to describe the person who did the ‘unfriending’ as such!

This whole social media thing is breeding its own version of hypersensitivity, and could well spawn a whole new outlet for even more irrational political correctness, which in most instances, causes more suffering than it alleviates. 

More often than political correctness  is used as a vehicle for sections of the community to feel offended and then vent their spleens accordingly; whereas, without this excessive seeking out of ways to take offence, the situation would have previously been either ignored or not even noticed!😡. 

Do you agree/disagree? Leave your comments below……

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