What follows, is a copy of an email that I have sent to Profs. Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox……


Let me first say that I am a great fan of what you are doing, both as a physicist and as someone who is making science not only accessible, but also exciting, to the general population. Great stuff.

Ok.. I’ll cut to the chase…
I have(since around 1968) tried to keep abreast as best I can, with the world of quantum mechanics and its relevance to all scientific study.

Recently, I was kicking the following around in my head in the middle of the night, and I’d love to run it by you.
It’s worded in the most basic way I could manage, because I’d love non-scientists to consider it too. I hope it’s not too convoluted.
Here goes………


When a light shines, or a cellphone signal is emitted, or a sound is made etc; they all travel outwards from the source in EVERY direction…

On the same principle… matter, energy, and space radiate outwards (I believe) infinitely!

It has been fairly well mathematically verified that the universe extends in EVERY direction, infinitely…….
Even taking into account some of the recent postulations that the universe is flat(like a galaxy), this should still actually hold true, with the whole shebang expanding outwards like the waves from any one point on an infinite pond.

SO…… It is my contention that on these bases, and taking into account the laws of physics, from the infinitely(?)macro, to the quantum laws governing the infinitely(?) micro; ……. WHEREVER (if that word still makes sense in this context!?) we may be in the universe, we would be at its centre!!!

So… surely, EVERYWHERE in the universe is actually(not just apparently) at the centre, from its own standpoint!.. because space extends infinitely from that standpoint, in every direction!
Yes?? 😳

Heck… Maybe the earth IS flat!.. and when we reach one edge, we find, inexplicably, we are at the opposite edge at the same moment! 😆
Then again… Maybe we are all in the Truman Show!!? 😅

Now I’ll have to go and lie down or meditate!…. or have a drink! 😆

I would be fascinated to know what you make of my theory(ies).
Please tell me it’s not just senility setting in! 😖

Andrew Rolls

(All readers…. PLEASE feel free to comment below, or on Twitter, or Facebook… I’d really love to hear your comments/opinions)😄

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