3.  HERE and NOW!

Here and now is all that actually exists! As far as any one person is concerned; anything that they can’t see, smell, hear, touch, or taste in the present moment(which is all there is), simply doesn’t exist!… except as a thought form.. a memory or a visualisation.

Anything else, is either memories or aspirations…. past or future….

And.. past and future are also just thought forms, and they don’t exist outside of thought and imagination.

So…. here and now is all there actually is.

Therefore, we should stop letting thoughts of the past and the future, interfere with, or even blind us to, what is happening here and now.

All too often, we only appreciate special moments when we experience them as thought forms… as MEMORIES of special moments that are now in the past.

And EVERY moment is special in its way.. be it easy or difficult; joyous or sad.

NO problems!…
Seeing anything as problematic is just the spin that our minds put on to things/people/situations that we don’t find it easy to cope with.
No problems.. just changes to deal with, or to be adapted to; or new signposts to take notice of.

The very special.. the only reality… ‘here and now’…
We should appreciate it while we’re living it!!😄…
That is the only way to becoming truly grateful! 😊


(All readers…. PLEASE feel free to comment below, or on Twitter, or Facebook… I’d really love to hear your comments/opinions)😄

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