1.  Introduction.

  1. The articles that I will write on this site, will sometimes be totally spontaneous, and sometimes be the result of considered thought from a mind that is open to everything(people, ideas, situations, beliefs etc.), and ‘attached to nothing'(ditto).  They are just my thoughts, observations and eventual awakenings, based on 70 years of very varied experiences and influences. But.. the ‘penny has dropped’ for me during the last 15 years, during which time I have been much more open-minded, and realised that true happiness is within me and not attached  to anything/anyone. If we cling to people, things, situations etc.,  in the belief that our happiness lies there… we can soon lose our happiness, because anything from outside ourselves can so easily be taken from us.

I have followed the signposts that have been presented to me whilst in this frame of mind.

There  is great liberation in this standpoint, and I believe more chance of awakening and ‘knowing’ !!

Some of the paths that I have followed have been signposted by people, situations, feelings… notably.. Christ, The Buddha, a number of atheists, Eckhart Tolle, Anthony De Mello, Jac O’Keeffe, various scientists and others.

I will add a blog each time I feel inspired to put one into writing. There will not necessarily be a linking theme, and the order will be: ‘as they come to me’ 😃

I am doing this for the sheer pleasure of sharing , and if  any of it helps in any way towards an awakening… great!   If not.. no matter.

I am am certainly not attempting to foist any sort of belief system on anyone, I’m happy to be a signpost that you can either follow, or ignore… it’s up to you.

As Anthony De Mello said in one of his last shared thoughts: “All I did was sit on the riverbank giving out river-water. Maybe after I’m gone, some will notice the river. ”

Please feel free to take, leave, share, discuss or criticise the material that I will share with you from hereon. It will be good to read any comments you may have.

It all comes with ‘love’ from me……      Brace yourselves! 😄

* “Attached to nothing”…. Not an easy phrase to define in this context. The closest I can manage is, “Not hankering, clinging, or for one’s personal happiness to be dependent on any person, object or situation”.  Otherwise.. because these things can be taken from us, our happiness would go with them! On this basis, we then become truly happy, and free to love in the purest sense.

(All readers…. PLEASE feel free to comment below, or on Twitter, or Facebook… I’d really love to hear your comments/opinions)😄

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